Saturday, 16 April 2011

No turning back

Today we dropped by a travel agen that we've used several times and bought our plane tickets for the UK. We got a good price that I was more than happy to pay. It's now official, we'll be leaving Korea on June 2nd.

We're headed to Hong Kong for a few days before arriving home. I'm in desperate need of a holiday so a few relaxing days will do me the power of good. In an ideal world we'd be sunning ourselves on a beach in somewhere like Thailand but funds are a bit limited and there's plenty of time for that in the future.

So just over six weeks to go. Time has been flying by lately. It feels great to be leaving though. Something to look forward to. I'll be leaving Korea on good terms. Now our attention turns to dealing with the mountain of stuff we have in our apartment that we need to bring to England. You really do accumulate a lot over the years.


QiRanger said...

Sorry to have missed you yesterday. Thanks for giving Ian the courage to come up and say hello!

I hope you enjoy Hong Kong! It's one place I really want to go!

조안나 said...

I'm just curious, how much did you pay for your ticket?

Talking to myself said...

조안나, I paid 796,000won for my ticket.

If I had gone on a Russian airline I think I could have got it a bit cheaper but a big part of my decision was based on times of flights and mine give me maximum time in Hong Kong and a good arrival time in the UK.

Anyway, after doing research, the price was OK. My ticket goes Busan->Hong Kong->London->Manchester.

Talking to myself said...

Steve, I didn't know you were going to be here. If I did I may have gone because I've not been there before.

My friend and co-worker Ivan is a great guy and his blog is good too. Excellent photographs etc, etc, but it's in Spanish.

As or Hong Kong, it's our third time going there. Check it out, it's a very stress free place for a few days with an interesting mix of East and West.

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