Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Visas and hair colour

Day two of the process for gathering documents for my wife's visa and it's going OK so far. There is little that I can do to help my wife with regards to some of the things she needs but I am there for her if she needs any help or advice.

I've been able to set the ball rolling on acquiring some of the things I need including bank documents from the UK and information regarding my employment. Also I've been working on getting a letter from my brother guaranteeing accommodation should we need it. Tomorrow I am off to the bank for more statements and also to ask a former employer for some help with a kind of reference.

I am finding it a bit stressful but things like this do tend to cause me more concern that others. Luckily my wonderful wife does not worry about things as much as I do. Hopefully my concern over the thoroughness of the application makes sure everything has been done to be successful. I look forward to the process further advancing my greying hair.


QiRanger said...

I really hope things run more smoothly with this process, as your wife seems to think. I know when Jason and JJ were moving to the US, they over-prepared and that was to their benefit. The process went smooth. I hope it goes the same for you two!

Talking to myself said...

I'd cetainly rather be over prepared that under prepared. I am lucky that as a student in Higher Education I took courses that demanded research and accuracy. I think we will put forward a compelling application.

Thanks for your support!

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