Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Back to the old routine

Last night I went back to hapkido for the first time in around five months. During that time I've out on a few kilograms, which I'm slowly shedding, and felt it was the right time to come back. I need both the exercise and the practice. I expected a gentle session with an emphasis on stretching but spent most of the time practicing kicks. I thought it would stretch my fitness but I coped quite well and was pleased with how well I did considering the gap. It felt good to be back. Sometimes hapkido feels like part of my family in Korea. After over two years of classes I still find it enjoyable.

I've noticed that when I practice kicks at taekwondo I don't feel like there is much skill or technique involved (yet). We've been progressing very quickly, perhaps too quickly and at times I feel like we should be doing more. A bit stupid I suppose. I would like to be learning more things at taekwondo but I should stop and realise that I'm only a lowly green belt and been practicing for around eight weeks. The more difficult kicks will come when the time is ready so I should be patient and try to do as well as I can with what I'm learning.

Yesterday we learned when our next test will be. It was scheduled for the 17th February but on that day one of my practice partners will be out of the country. Korea's New Year holiday is at the start of that week too and I will be in Japan for a while too. Our Master then suggested a week later but I felt that maybe the 12th February would be better. Perhaps that's a mistake on my part but I feel like we'll all be ready. Knowing that the test is coming soon should motivate us to work harder. I hope I can continue both these martial arts. My body is aching today. A familiar feeling.

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