Friday, 26 February 2010

Taxing times

Yesterday right at the end one of my classes and faced with another lesson that I'd taught, three or four times before I almost fell asleep. Usually that nearly happens only when the class is very small. Doing the same thing again and again is taking a bit of a toll on me. It's probably time to go but it's not as easy as that.

Whilst in Tokyo I had such a good time that I was even considering extending my contract by six months. Now my vision is clear and that is almost certainly not going to happen. I have to come home some time. I'm set to leave in October or December depending on whether or not they let me stay a little longer and if I need the money. That's some seven and a half months to go. Hopefully today will be better than yesterday.

On a side note, yesterday I got a tax refund of around £100 (I've had to pay extra in the past so this is extra satisfying). It has come at a great time for me considering today I had to pay my huge gas bill and my monthly rent. In fact most of the Western teachers got a similar refund. In general taxes are much lower here in Korea than in the UK, one of the advantages of working here and it means you can save more easily. I think I'll buy myself something this weekend to cheer myself up, alas it won't be a plane ticket.

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