Friday, 12 February 2010

Lunar New Year: Tokyo Bound

It's the Lunar New Year holidays in Asia this weekend. I'm heading off the peninsula and going to Tokyo with my wife. I have been to Japan twice but not for over three years and never to Tokyo so I'm very excited because it's been a long time coming and you can never spend enough time in Japan. Tokyo and Japan in general are just so different to Daegu and South Korea. When you have been to Japan it is hard to think of Korea the same way as before. I know many teachers say they wish they were in Japan instead. I like Korea but Japan has a lot going for it, it has to be said.

I have done very little planning besides booking things and changing currency. I plan to look more into it tonight and tomorrow on the way. I'm hoping It'll be obvious what I want to do when I get there. My wife has things planned for herself so I'll be tagging along with her. I just want to relax and see some things I haven't done before. Right now the Japanese Yen is strong compared to the Korean Won so I am not sure how far mine will take me especially as Valentines Day is on Sunday and I have to buy my wife a birthday present. Sapporo beer here I come, though it may have to come from a convenience store and not a bar.

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Esonlinji said...

Meiji-jingu and Asuakusa are both pretty nice temples to visit. Don't bother with Tokyo Tower, the metropolitan government building has a better view and doesn't charge entry.

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