Thursday, 6 May 2010

Open class day

Today is Open class day for me at my academy. That means that for one class, the kids parent/s can come and watch todays lesson if they so choose to. There's no real 'pressure' but it would be nice if the air conditioner is on to take the heat out of the situation. Thankfully I've been able to choose the class that's being watched and it's my first one today and probably my best class of all. The students participate, don't speak Korean, are bright and are quite creative. I teach them three times a week and always have a lot of fun and like to think they enjoy it too.

Will anything happen if things go badly? I don't really know but if everything goes to plan I know nothing will be said - feedback seems difficult to get at present. Fingers crossed that all goes well but I don't anticipate any problems because it's just Presentation day where the kids recite a series of set lines they've studied at home. I don't know how many parents will come, probably seven or eight and it will almost certainly be only mothers in attendance. I've gone through this a few times so it's no big deal but I am just hoping the kids try their best and show how good they are. I just have to remember to smile more.

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