Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Teacher's Day artwork

Teachers' Day or 스승의 날 fell on Saturday this year. This day is not a holiday but a day that is often marked by students giving presents to their teacher. I don't teach here for presents I teach here for money and am quite well paid. I don't expect to get things either but the absence, at certain times of the year of gifts continues to underline the impression and belief that we as ESL teachers are not real teachers. And to be fair most people here are just English language voices. Am I a real teacher here? Well no, that much is obvious. I don't work in a school I work in a private English language academy and the kids see me two or three days a week.

Friday came and went without event - no presents of course - except for one class of twelve girls and one boy drawing things on the whiteboard. They wanted me to take pictures of what they did but I didn't bring my camera so they said they'd repeat it all again on Monday. I forgot about this but yesterday when I got to the classroom I was set upon by the girls who took away all five of my markers and my board erasers. Those girls were really out of control but they had a good ten minutes or so of solid fun before we could start class. This was a lot better than a pair of socks or some cheap Korean chocolate. Here are some snaps of their artwork.

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