Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My wedding day in pictures

Our 'wedding lunch celebration' day turned out to be great. A special day for my wife and I to remember always. Here are some pictures taken of us, my new family and our friends.

After being introduced I was asked to say a few words

I had to write down my thoughts because I didn't want to make any mistakes

Here we are waiting for my wife's mother to say a few words

My mother in-law said very little but was very, very happy

The cake arrives and we have to blow out the candle

The cake was still defrosting so it was difficult to cut it, despite them giving us a sword

My wife and I amazed that the cake was so rock hard

My co-workers, Sang Hee, Sung Young and Nick

My wife and I enjoying the day immensely

Another co-worker shot of Sung Yong, Nick, Ivan and Jong Bae

Jong Bae, Diana and Sung Yong

Our friends, Hannah and Mark who are also set to get married

Big assembled family shot. Can you spot me?

My wife and I, with her mother and her brother

Another picture of my wife and I with her mother

Here is my mother in-laws sister and husband, and her children and their spouses

At this point my jaw was starting to ache a little but we continued - those are genuine happy smiles though!

More photos? OK, just one more

My wife really wanted to throw her bouquet and her friend caught it

Now we could sit down. Next to my co-worker, Jong Bae

Here I am with my partner teacher, Sung Yong

My mother in-law starting to relax a little

Baby loves oranges?

Baby doesn't love oranges

Two of my wife's cousins. The one on the left speaks a little English

Now my mother in-law really starting to enjoy the occasion

Cheers to a successful day!

Special thanks go out to my co-worker and friend, Ivan who took most of these pictures and of course to all those who helped make our day so memorable.


Anonymous said...

Glad the day turned out wonderful. You and your wife look so happy!


Talking to myself said...


Thank you very much for your comment. We had such a fantastic day!!

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