Monday, 14 June 2010

Ready for Summer

Last night I cleaned our two fans and put up some blinds so that we can have our windows open as long as we want without neighbours being able to look in. Having already sorted out the air conditioner we are now ready for the Summer onslaught. The air conditioner isn't particularly strong but ANYTHING is better than my apartment in 2006.

Then, my first Summer in Korea, my air con was in the kitchen and effectively useless because the air would not circulate through the rest of the place. On top of that during one week where everyone was off work my fan broke. Unable to contact my manager I lived miserably which led me to head to bars and cafes in search of cool places. Why didn't I just buy myself a new fan and charge work later? At the time it felt like I was living in a volcano but I am much more used to the temperatures now and how to deal with them.

Later on we put our feet up and had some beers and enjoyed the football. This is perhaps as good as it's going to get for me in Korea this Summer so I better make the most of it. My weather resource says temperatures will get to 34°C this week. It can only get hotter and I wonder if we will get close to 40°C this time round. I estimate twelve more weeks of this left.

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