Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hitting an ESL brick wall

Because of exam time in schools I managed to get one break at work yesterday. I decided not to waste all of my time so prepared some stuff that I'd have to do at a later date. I was making questions for my classes when I temporarily hit a wall.

In over four years of doing this job I've asked many questions with depressingly predictable answers for the most part, certainly there has been little variation in responses. Every week I prepare questions for my three levels of students for listening classes. This is almost the same as when I was teaching reading. The questions check comprehension and then go on to discussion (if possible).

Now I find myself running out of new questions. Yes, the students change but there is a rotation of questions that I can choose from given the material I am working with. I try to be creative but I am as tired of hearing the same tired replies as I am of asking the same things. In short, I am restricted by the levels I teach. However, I have no wish to teach a higher level. The problem then is mine.

Is running out of questions even a possibility? Is there some failing on my part? Variables change but something is remaining constant, me. Who, what, where, when and why. Now five of my least favourite words in English. I am temporarily frustrated by the repetition. It's pay day so I am sure this phase will pass.

1 comment:

Christianna Lee said...

I hear ya, man... But you are right: this phase will pass. Hang in there!

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