Thursday, 1 July 2010

Summer bites

Noticeably more humid at night time now. We leave work at ten and are often hit by a have of humidity upon leaving the workplace, like last night. We are apparently at the beginning of the rainy season now so things may cool off a touch but the air is uncomfortable and thick. It makes you feel as if you can actually touch the air. Truly we are in Summer.

Last night it was a touch warm and I feel asleep on top of the covers. I woke up feeling OK but walking around I noticed marks on my leg. I was bitten five times on my thigh. Luckily it's not itchy and is not painful but being bit by mosquitoes is no fun. Just now I have noticed a bite on my right wrist. This is particularly itchy. In previous Summers it has been my wife that has been attacked more but she has been left alone thus far. I look forward to next Summer back home, away from these terrible creatures. My revised estimate, twelve more weeks of this left.

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