Friday, 23 July 2010

Jesus business card

I decided to take the risk and walk to the convenience store wearing my taekwondo uniform. It's only two minutes away and I would only be in there very briefly. Open mouthed Korean kids who've never seen a white person before - check. Disbelief that a foreigner would study taekwondo - check. Child saying hello to me in Korean - check. Adults looking at me as I disfigured/not welcome - check. Feeling of alienation - check.

Scorn and besument both at high levels, but no English. How strange. I open the door to the store and a middle aged man greets me in semi perfect English, "Hello. Jesus Club". He hands me a card and we leave it at that as I head to the gimbap. I leave the store and check out the card.

Jesus doesn't strike me as a yellow business card typed figure. Perhaps he could sort out these stares that I still get even after four and a half years of being here. That would be a miracle.

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