Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Name mistake #958

This student compounds his mistake of getting my name wrong with mistaking me, his teacher, for a theatre. He's still my favourite student though. Givan, I think I've had that before. I've lost count now.


jin-hee kim said...

Hello, I'm Kim Jin-Hee and I am a script writer at Arirang TV.
We are looking for someone to join us on our new program called and we would like to have you parcipate on our show!
Our program features information on Korean culture and much much more seen through the eyes of foreign residents living in Korea.
The program is 5 minutes long. It will be a great opportunity to create some fun memories of your life in Kores. (You are reply e-mail for me, I'll send our program video file. )
My phone number is 010-4546-7696. but I can't speak english very well. Please leave your message. :-)
And I have some questions.

Q. Can you please introduce yourself? (nationality, age, job, current neighborhood)
Q. Where do you live in Korea?
Q. You write about all kinds of topics on your blog.
Which area are you particularly interested in?
Q. Which place in Korea impressed you most?
Q. Let us know when you're available for filming day. (July)
Q. We would like to film about Busan Haeundae. What do you think of Busan Haeundae?

I will be thrilled to hear from you.

p.s. : Let us know your cell-phone number. :-)

Talking to myself said...

This seems like a lot of fun. One thing though, I am going away on vacation this weekend and won't be back in Korea until August 1st.

You didn't give me an email address to contact you. If you give me that then I will happily get in touch with you! So, please let me know how I contact you by email

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