Sunday, 18 July 2010

A few hours in Busan

Yesterday we made our way to Busan to get some shopping and took some time out to enjoy dinner. Due to circumstances we didn't arrive till around 4pm so we were limited in the things we could do but we took in Gukje street market and then headed to the Jagalchi fish market to eat before heading to one of the big department stores.

I really enjoyed my time there. I have been to Busan before and enjoyed myself but have not been as often as I'd have liked. There are plenty of reasons to go, my wife has family there, the beach is very relaxing, the temperature is cooler than where I live and the vibe of the city is different to Daegu. It feels like there are more things to do. I hope to return some time soon - though only after Summer ends.

Whilst at Jagalchi market, we stopped for some dinner. We were torn between the shrimp or mussels. In the end we got the mussels and were given shrimp too. My wife loves seafood and with Busan being a coastal city we were confident our meal would be good, and it was. Whilst there I noticed signs advertising whale meat. I don't think I had ever seen such a thing before. Of course I would never order whale but I am curious who would. Would you? I find the idea repulsive and one taboo I would never break.

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flanivan said...

I've had shark before but I don't think I would eat whale... I really like them as animals and it would be hard for me to eat one without thinking of what a beautiful creature they are.

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