Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cicada season

Today I heard cicadas for the first time this year. This means two things - imminent hot temperatures and a noise that can be compared to live electricity. Perversely, I kind of enjoy the sound. It comes right out of nowhere and within seconds is gone. It is a far superior sound than the truck that woke me up again today as it slowly made its way around the neighbourhood with its loudspeaker on. I have never thought such violent thoughts as I did a few hours ago.

I recently read a riveting book about a woman growing up in communist China. During the Summertime of her childhood she used to capture these insects and roast them, so limited was food in her region at that period. At times such as these I truly do think I am lucky to have grown up in England, bland food and all. My summer mission is to find a cicada and take a photo to post on this blog. I think I will pass on eating one though.

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