Friday, 23 July 2010

Picking up my taekwondo black belt

Last week I found out that I had passed my taekwondo black belt test. I had to wait a week to receive the belt but finally got my hands on it a few days ago. It certainly puts a spring in your step on your way to and from the dojang. I'm still surprised at how quickly we got to the stage of taking the test. When I did hapkido it took ten months to get to black belt test status and just seven for taekwondo. My Master deserves a lot of credit. We doubted him and ourselves. I thought it was coming too soon but we were wrong. The timing was just right.

I'm very proud of how I've done. There is no disillusion over my ability. I know where I stand with my level. If only I could have started this a few years earlier ago I think I would have really enjoyed training a lot more. Where will I go now with taekwondo? Well the text for a 2nd degree black belt would be in June 2011 - a year from the 1st degree one. I won't be here then, no way. So I am stuck at the level I have reached (belt wise). I am now going to go to improve if I can and for fun. I enjoy going. It's a great start to the day.

A few days ago the Masters wife asked me what I liked the most, my hapkido black belts or my taekwondo one. To be diplomatic and respectful I said they were both great and I enjoy this one because it is the one I have passed recently. I stick by that but passing my 2nd degree hapkido test took a lot of sacrifices. I went at night on my own. I trained on my own and improved on my own. With taekwondo it's been more of a team effort. A different kind of achievement. Both have been great times and both different.


Anonymous said...

If you can get your Black Belt in 7 months you are going to a bad Dojang.
It should take at least three years at a good Dojang.

Talking to myself said...

I understand your point and there is some validity in i disagee. Things are done differently in Korea than in the West. I was already a 2nd Dan Hapkido Dan when I started. There is more emphasis on technique than on fitness

Also I went 3 days a week and sometimes 5 days a week to training. I passed my black belt with the Korean Taekwondo Association at a test where thousands participated. Are you saying that the KTA are wrong to pass me? Are you saying that my taekwondo Master who is a 5th Dan is and my Hapkido Master who is a 6th Dan are both wrong?

You will find almost NO-ONE in Korea will take 3 years to get from white to black belt.

Please expand on your statement "it should take at least three years at a good Dojang" because in Korea, this doesn't happen. If you are good enough, you progress

Anonymous said...

I had heard from a very notable 7th Dan that adult students in Korea usually test for 1st Dan in a year these days. Of course adult students are very rare in Korea, as TKD is something thing that is usually started as a child (6-7 years old). Kids usually stop a few years before the college entrance exams pop up.

In the US, 2.5-3.5 years is the norm for someone to come in without experience and reach 1st Dan. Of course someone with experience will likely get there a little faster.

I'm 2nd Dan in TKD, having attained 1st Dan almost 30 years ago. Dan grading isn't the end of the journey, but the beginning. I've studied many other martial arts since then and have loved every minute! Enjoy the art; enjoy the way.

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