Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Meeting family in Busan

We're headed to Busan tomorrow. It's the big day of the Lunar New Year celebrations and my wife and I are visiting her aunt and uncle. Also coming are my wife's cousins. She has four, all roughly around her age. Today we went shopping for a few gifts. Some ginseng for her uncle and aunt, some "facial mist" for the woman and we also got some wine for her male cousin and the husbands of her cousins. I don't think they are expecting anything but they were so generous at our wedding we are happy to get them a little something.

I've met one of her cousins (and her husband ) twice before and most of the rest of the family when they came to our wedding but it'll be the first time seeing one of them. I'm a little nervous because not many of them speak English and I don't know what we'll be doing but the last time we met it was a happy occasion and I'm hoping this will be fun too. We booked a hotel for the night and will try to explore some parts of Busan that we haven't seen before.

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