Monday, 14 February 2011

Snowy day in Daegu

Snow once more again in Korea. Today's TV reports claim that some areas have snowfall up to 50cm. Not so bad here in Daegu but it's stuck and is heavier than I have seen in previous years - over the past twelve months the snow has been much heavier than it was when I arrived in 2005.

The younger kids are finishing school about this time so hopefully they can enjoy the snow while it lasts. I nipped out for a few photos and it's already turning to slush. Maybe this is the last snow I will see in Daegu whilst I am here.

One of my c0-workers is currently making the long journey back to Puerto Rico for a vacation whilst three more are back in the office today. Puerto Rico, China, Vietnam, Daegu. I really could do with a holiday.


kushibo said...

This is a very good time to have the IOC team checking out the Pyongchang site for the 2018 Winter Olympics bid.

Talking to myself said...

It can't have hurt the bid. It would be good if Pyongchang is successful but on merit rather than a sympathy vote

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