Sunday, 1 May 2011

1 month to go

So one more month left in Korea. I finish my job on May 31st but will be leaving for Hong Kong in the early hours of June 2nd. Happy to be moving on, it's time but of course with mixed emotions. I have been busy of late and unable to write much here but will be addressing that soon. Recently I've finished taekwondo after some eighteen months or so, begun the long packing process and have been met with a series of unepected and unwelcome bills to pay. And of course 'teaching'.

Last week one of my external hard drives broke and I have so far been unable retrieve most of the information but luckily I have got a lot of the important stuff like photographs backed up elsewhere. I did lose a lot of things that I had been saving though. Today is supposed to see swathes of yellow dust sweep across Korea so I will be putting my feet up inside. I am very excited about this month and the future ahead of my wife and I. We're hoping to have a fun and relaxing last month in Korea.


QiRanger said...

Argh!!!!!!! I know your pain. I lost a hard drive in 2006 and had to pay $2000 to get it fixed since it broke right before I backed it up. I HAD to get the data off that drive. Oy they pain!!!

Congrats on having one month left!

Talking to myself said...

I can tell you I was very down for about 24 hours when I found out my hard drive was broken. $2000, ouch! I think I can live without a lot of the stuff I lost but I'll be keeping the 'broken' drive and seeing if it can be retrieved back in the UK

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