Sunday, 22 May 2011

Open classes coming up: Teach like Tyra

Last week I got my final schedule at work. I only have seven actual working days left so I knew whatever it would be like wouldn't really matter but luckily it's the best timetable I've ever had whilst teaching English here.

From having no breaks for about three years, gradually I've been given one or two until lately I've had four. Due to some of my classes being combined and students levelling up I now have six breaks a week (each class lasts fifty minutes so a break is a huge deal). The last few days couldn't be much better.

Having said this my schedule is really unfair for everyone else and I have said as such to my manager (even though I am delighted with the 'time off' I've been given by her). I have six breaks whilst two teachers have none and most of the others have two which makes you wonder why couldn't they have been shared out. I don't feel guilty as it's not me who has done this but it's wrong. I only benefit from this for a few days but the teacher who replaces me will have over two weeks of a fantastic schedule which is the unfair part.

Aside from that, my last week is open class week at my academy. This is where parents can come and watch their kids classes in action. Two of my classes on my last day are free for my students parents to come in and I am expecting the majority of the parents to do so. Not ideal as a) my mind will not be on teaching so the quality could be low and b) as it's my last day the class will only represent the way the classes have been taught and not what the new teacher is going to do. No big deal especially as I can put my feet up on my newly acquired breaks.

A few weeks ago we got this advice from my real boss - my foreign manager.

Nothing conveys a warm welcome and excitement better than a smile.
-Smile from ear to ear and smile with your eyes
-When speaking to the students give them a smile.
-Have a smile in your voice

Thank you very much Tyra Banks for your pearls of wisdom. I guess we know which show my boss watches.

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