Thursday, 4 March 2010

How to get 5% free

Today I bought some triangle gimbap (small triangle shaped rice filled with assorted ingredients in the middle and wrapped in seaweed) at a local convenience store. After buying the food I was given two orange drinks as service. It started me thinking about how many free things I've got from stores in Korea

Service is very common in Korea when you buy things from a shop or a restaurant especially if you are a regular or a high spending customer. 'Service' means something else extra for free, like a gift. If you go to a supermarket here you can always find products taped to other things bundled as service. Such things don't seem to happen much in the UK. Promotions and sales happen a lot but I don't remember getting many free things.

On closer inspection, and taste, my free juice is only 5% juice and 95% water and flavouring. My co-worker said, 5% is better than 0%. Depends on what the 95% is I guess.

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