Sunday, 30 November 2008

Student Art

If there's one thing my students love to do, it's ignoring me and putting pen to paper, or desk or hand. Often they idle away their time by writing things down. At times mocking me or just trying to get my attention and also expressing their love for the latest Teenage Korean Pop Sensation. From time to time they draw pictures, sometimes they give them to me and sometimes they refuse to let me anywhere near them. It is almost automatic or instinctive for them, they cannot stop doing it. I used to take no notice of them and throw them away but now I find them very funny, especially if they are small notes, which amuse me greatly. Here are some of the 'presents' that I've received recently.

The above one is from my most prolific student who cannot take the pencil out of her hand.

Above, one of the funnier ones I've been given. Still funny to me now, but always leaves me wondering why he thought I looked like Harpo Marx.

The passing of time. More productive and creative than my presentation classes.

Gavin. Happy birthday, 81 years old! You fail. Great stuff. I wonder what they can come up with next.

From my lowest level and my most unique/talkative student right now. Well at least he said please.

Usually for my first class of the day I take a coffee into the lesson with me and drink it when I have chance.

One of my classes doesn't approve of the coffee and always demands that I stop drinking. They're just jealous.

Apparently that is what my dog would/does look like. Lovely, apparently.

If I get anymore interesting ones I will post them here.

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