Sunday, 2 November 2008

International, but not really

Could it really be that there is an election going on somewhere?

If you watch English language television here in Korea you won't have missed the fact that we're going through an American election at all. For nearly a full year here that's been the daily focus on my only source of televisual news - CNN International - at the expense, of at times, more noteworthy stories. The channel has a bad reputation in many peoples eyes and rightly so because of the overwhelming amount of American news compared to, well, everywhere else! But I have enjoyed some of their coverage so far so I am not really knocking the quality, just the quantity. I must say though that I dislike CNN's oft repeated line throughout: 'The best political team on television'. A bit too much American braggadocio.

So we have two more days of electioneering coverage before the actual election day frenzy, then we will get the post-election fallout. After that we can 'look forward to' the inauguration in January and then the new Presidents progress throughout next year - will it ever end?! People do care about what's happening but there ARE other stories going on around the world. I look forward to what some of my co-workers and students have to say about things this coming week. I can't see too much changing whoever 'wins' but four more years of the current regimes policies will be utterly depressing. One big change I would like to see is being able to watch BBC News for the first time in a while. Failing that, some actual International news would be nice.

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