Thursday, 20 November 2008

War Of Nutrition

Is Seasonal Affective Disorder possible or is it all in the mind?

I don't have S.A.D. but the weather is changing and it is impossible to ignore the coming of Christmas. Although it is some six weeks away, nearly every Westerner in Korea gets nostalgic and quite frankly will not want to be here come December-time. Just today a good friend of mine told me he was going home over the festive period and I must admit I was jealous. So. how do you combat homesickness right now?

A friend of mine here seems to be trying to find new things to do - aren't we all? - and I would suggest making your own food whenever possible. This is a skill you will never regret acquiring. So many foreigners here eat in restaurants and get take outs because they are inexpensive and convenient but it's a short-term solution because when they finish their time in Korea, that won't always be possible. A way 'back home' for me is through cooking. How can you not miss home cooking? You can't get anything to come close to it here.

To re-energise myself on Monday I made this dish - a local one relative to my region in England which most families there can make easily. Simple, quick to make and not bad to eat. It might not look like much but instantly I was transported back home. If only for the two days it took to polish it all off.

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