Sunday, 9 November 2008

Two years together

This weekend was, roughly, the 2nd anniversary of my relationship with my girlfriend. What a great two years we've had together. I am lucky to have met her, to know her and even luckier to have been in a relationship with her for so long. To celebrate we went for a meal at the same restaurant we had our first date in and (I think) we had the same meal too.

If I post pictures of anywhere I've been with my girlfriend I am very rarely in them because I generally take the photographs when we go out anywhere and it's my girlfriend that is usually 'on screen'. As a consequence we are rarely pictured together in any decent photos. That's why it's so good to see a picture of us together having fun.

A good day was had all-round and we look forward to more great times in our future together. Onwards and upwards!

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