Friday, 31 October 2008

Three years on

Today sees the 3rd anniversary of my arrival in Korea. I still remember the nervous excitement and the uncertainty of how my life would unfold from there on. The eleven hour flight felt much longer with many things spinning around my mind. So many things could have gone wrong but so many have gone right for me. I could never have predicted that I would still be here teaching AND in the same area too. Halloween 2005, three years ago but still fresh in the memory. Oh how time flies.

Halloween basically means nothing to me. It's an Americanism as has no relevance in my life back in England or here in Korea. Having said that, it is changing for a lot of people back home with more people getting dressed up and also getting more boozed up (for which we need no excuse). Here where there are many North Americans it's more of a big deal with the foreigners getting into the spirit. It's all just some good fun so I bought a cheap hat from a costume shop for work and some sweets for my students. They all got a good laugh out of me and something to chomp on too and all the classes were very light-hearted with many students talking a bit more and loosening up. I looked ridiculous but that's the point isn't it?

1 comment:

Margins of Meditation said...

hey, we actually met on halloween of 2006!

glad you're embracing the halloween spirit.

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