Sunday, 12 October 2008

Spiderman was here

What a mixed time I've had lately.

There have been many ups recently but the week was dominated by one thing. Whilst at work on Thursday, someone came into my apartment and stole stuff. It could have been worse, they could have taken the laptop I write this from and my passport along with other things. As it stands, the only significant thing taken was money, in the form of coins. Though clearly not happy at this I believe that IF there were no coins here at the time, then a lot more would have been taken.

I recommend the experience to nobody.

The police came round and after things were explained about what I've touched, what's missing etc, the Crime Scene Investigation team came. They checked for finger prints but the burglar worse gloves, however they found a foot print - how they can catch someone from a shoe print, I just cant imagine but we'll see. They showed me how he (I assume it is 'he') came in through the window, which was regrettably unlocked... Though the window should have been locked I've always felt it would be very very unlikely for someone to get in due to me being on the second floor and there being little room to manoeuvre, let alone climb. My Spider sense should have been tingling.

I've often felt, said and written to people that Korea is a very safe place. It remains so, despite this. Much, MUCH safer than my home town in England. However, I can't go back totally to how I thought about the country and its people. Things have changed irreversibly in my mind. Still, time to go forward and try to forget about this.

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