Monday, 13 October 2008

Not all news is bad news

As I said before, time to move on from events of the past week.

Something positive to report. Last week I paid off all my existing student loans and am now debt free. Because of the burglary there hasn't been too much time for this to sink in, and I definitely don't fully appreciate what I did yet.

I have worked with many people here in Korea and most if not all owe a fair bit of money in some way or another. Some have mountains of debt that will surely take them years and years to pay off. I wonder how they will ever be able to afford a house etc etc. This forces them to sometimes cut back on buying things that teachers should easily afford to splash out on here. Often teachers take on extra private classes where they can earn easy money, but this eats up free time.

Paying the debt off was one of the big reasons for coming out here - a place where it is quite easy to save between 30-60% of your salary. Now the monkey is off my back and hopefully I can save some money to plan for some of my future. Unfortunately the current exchange rate of Korean to UK £ is very poor right now so I have to keep working here a little longer before I can retire from Korea...

1 comment:

James Ryddel said...

Well Gabin! You'll be able to pay me that £20.

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