Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Super and Good

Yesterday was full of drama with fights in the teachers room and some kids setting off the fire alarm at work. My first class is one of my youngest and also lowest levels, but they are super enthusiastic and try almost anything I ask them to do. It's a lot of fun right now as you can see them improving and taking onboard any advice I give them. I don't take myself seriously at all and usually classes are light-hearted. I was greeted with this message on the board.

Very nice. Super AND good, how little they know about me... Still, a nice start to the day.

1 comment:

James Ryddel said...

Gav, really like your style. The photos are interesting so keep taking them and posting them.

The blog posts do make interesting reading so please keep on writing.

Watch out for those cray drivers though.

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