Saturday, 20 December 2008

Lucid daydreaming

Some days start differently to others. This morning I awoke from a dream where Rafael Benitez had sacrificed himself on landmine to save others. I don't expect to wake up to that one again but who knows.

I spent Saturday completing my Christmas shopping, glad it's over and happy with what I'll be giving and receiving. My Christmas plans are completed but I have one wish left. That Liverpool can win the title in 2009. Right now we are top of the league but not playing 'that well'. I won't go into that here but at least we are in with a shout at the moment. The pessimist in me says it's just not going to happen. The optimist says it's unlikely. There are five months to go from now but I feel this weekends game away to Arsenal is paramount to any title aspirations.

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