Monday, 15 December 2008

Serving suggestions

Right now as I am typing I am eating my lunch before going to work. Just something to keep me going for the next few hours. I am eating sausages or what Koreans define as sausages and I am craving Bacon butties. Not Korean bacon but real bacon on real wholemeal bread with some brown sauce on there too. I'm not craving any pies despite what some people I know must think! But, I want food I can get back home. And my time will come.

On Saturday I pre-booked my return ticket back home for February. There's no real reason for going back home for the week, it's just something that I thought would be nice. To go back for a few days to catch up with some people, drop off some things I won't be needing here come Summer. It will also be nice to have some real beer and pick up some things I can't get in Korea and bring them back, such as food. The price isn't too bad and I can justify it because I'm not going out of the country when most people are in January for Lunar New Year. It will be nice to eat food where serving suggestions don't include bacon, toast and strawberries

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