Friday, 26 December 2008

Tomorrow's just another day

Today is Boxing day but it's back to work for me. Others schools have three days off over Christmas but I have only one and to be honest while I appreciate time off I can get bored here and I like being in the classroom. Also, at Christmas the papers stop writing and TV is usually appalling. People are unwinding so there is not much to read or watch on television. I watched Jingle All The Way on TV here and regret doing so, but it was good in an Arnie is so bad-he's-good kind of way.

So basically Christmas is over. I went for dinner which could have been better but I got to spend more time with my girlfriend which is always great for me. I got some decent presents from her so I hoped she liked hers too. I had a great time at a co-workers party at Christmas Eve and ate quite a lot, but what's new there, but crucially I didn't drink as much as I thought I would. I need to shift some weight off me now though. Christmas was OK but as I get older is does mean less and less to me. It feels more of a kids and grandparents holiday now to me. I wonder how it will feel in twelve months time, back home. So onto the next thing. Whatever that is.

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