Thursday, 2 September 2010

Damn you, rice cooker

My wife loves our rice cooker. She uses it several times a week. Being Korean she loves Korean rice. Though never loving the stuff I eat a lot more than I did when I first came here but I much prefer long grain rice. I find the rice here a bit too sticky.

Today I was cooking and dropped the rice cooker on my foot. My little toe to be exact, from about 3-4 feet. Nothing is broken, neither toe or rice cooker though my toe is black and blue as well as sore. A lucky escape I think.

When the rice cooker came down I began swearing like a trouper in pain sure something bad had happened. After a while I calmed down and surveyed the damage. The rice cooker seemed to be OK but the floor was full of rice and the ricey goo was covering the cooker too. What I was more annoyed of was cleaning up because I knew that the rice would be so sticky it could take a while. And it did. It was like glue. Korean rice, I don't think I'll miss you when I leave.

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