Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Maybe the best part about working in Korea

Twelve months have just flown by again. There are many high points that you go through as an ESL teacher in Korea and one of the best is today, pay day. Not just any old pay day but the end of contract bonus. Yes today is very satisfying. After completing your contract you get paid an extra months wage and there are other tops ups to that make it a big payslip.

Although I am not leaving Korea for some seven months, my academy has already paid me the money for my airfare home. It will be less hassle to book it with my wife than for my company to book a ticket for her. On top of the airfare (1million won - approx £550) I have got paid all the days vacation that I didn't get. A lot of academies don't work that way so I'm lucky. Yes working in Korea has many benefits but you can't deny that for almost everyone here the reason for coming is money.

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