Friday, 24 September 2010

Fun at Suseong lake

Having a few days off because of Chuseok gave us the chance to go to Suseong, an area of Daegu that I hadn't been to before. Suseong is considered one of the more affluent districts of Daegu and has many coffee shops and good restaurants and also has a man made lake.

I'd wanted to go for a while just to see what the place looked like so we upped and went. Tuesday was the day before Chuseok so most people had the day off and there weren't a lot of people around, the weather was also great, perhaps the last day of Summer.

We hired a duck, well a ducked shaped paddle boat and made our way around the lake. It was a lot harder than it looked and afterwards we really needed a breather so after a walk around the area we headed for some ice cream. After that we went looking for restaurant and chose to go in La Bella Cucina. The place was really good, maybe the best restaurant I've been to here in Daegu and the best Italian food I'd had in Korea so far. A fun day in Daegu.

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