Monday, 10 January 2011

Allergic to work?

Sick again. No surprise really as I've been sick on and off now for about three months. Nothing significant just a bunch of colds that come and go straight after each other. This is worst so far though. I have the usual runny nose, sore throat but now I have a headache. A headache that only occurs when I move, or exert myself physically, e.g. blowing my nose or coughing. The headache is quite violent but goes away seconds later

I'm a bit weak but nothing serious, it's just the headache which is slowing things down. I could really do with taking the day off work but can't afford to and I actually do like working. Today is going to be a sit down and just be there in the class kind of day. Fingers crossed my students take the hint and behave.

My wife took me to the doctors today. We tried a different one for a change. I've been going to an English speaking doctor for five years but my wife has no confidence in her. I've been a few times over the past few months with the same symptoms and just been given cold medicine.

This time the doctor said, yes I do have a cold but also probably an allergy to something. This backs up what a pharmacist said a few weeks ago. This would explain the ongoing runny nose and sneezing I've been going through. I'm going to have to try and delve deeper into and have some tests this but probably not till the weekend as my wife is very very busy at work right now. The doctor also told me I should try not to speak, which is impossible with today's classes!


Just hours after taking the medicine the headache was gone which seemed like a minor miracle. God bless Korean doctors and their prescriptions! However as I got home from work I found my wife in bed, very sick so perhaps I've either given my cold to her or I'm going to get hers any day soon.


James Ryddel said...

Get to work you lazy scouse bastard :0)

QiRanger said...

Oy! Man, I really hope you get better soon!

Talking to myself said...

Korean medicine is fantastic. The headache was gone within hours of taking the first pills. What a relief though because it was violent

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