Thursday, 20 January 2011

Observation again

Another observation today, this time from my branch Manager. She is new to my school but not the company. I can't say if she's good or bad at her job, just that things have been less organised since she started. However, she started as we were moving buildings so she's had to deal with a lot of new situations.

At the same time as the building move and manager change we stated teaching some different classes. We've now moved back to teaching Middle school students reading classes. So far, so bad. It's got nothing to do with the students but the articles we're covering are either too hard, not relevant to the kids or both.

So of course, the manager is watching only reading classes this week - watching my worst/funniest student. The lessons are fairly easy to teach but you do need to plan a bit more in order to give the students as much guidance as possible. It will take a few months to get into a grove but I think the classes are OK. I am not concerned about how my class goes as I am doing what we've been told to do so far but I'm hoping for feedback this time.

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