Monday, 31 January 2011

Tax breakthrough

Today was the deadline for the tax payment I have somehow incurred and I missed it due to a small communication problem with work. However, there has been a breakthrough on this as instead of paying it all in one go it will be broken down into two instalments which means I will not be left short of money for February. There will be no problem with missing the due date.

I'm very pleased with this and once more the company I work for has helped me out when I have needed it. I think I've been lucky with who I've worked for in Korea as I've heard many horror stories from teachers who haven't been so lucky. I will turn up at work tomorrow with a big envelope full of money and will repeat this in one months time. It's given me some breathing space and my mood has lifted.

Today was also the first day since my wife left her job. She met her old boss for lunch after he told her he had something to talk about. She will now work for her old company again, part-time, for a month starting next week. Her hours are good and she won't be teaching so the job is fairly easy for her. I'm surprised at this but pleased that she will be earning a bit of money whilst still having a lot of free time.

A few minutes ago we finalised out plans for Lunar New Year and booked a hotel for Busan where we will spend two days visiting family and relaxing. We are lucky to get a cheap hotel at such late notice. I can't wait for this break.

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QiRanger said...

That is some good news for your wife! Free time is epic! I'm thankful I have it back these days! I hope you and your wife enjoy Seollal!

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