Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wednesday makes a comeback

For most of the past twelve months, Wednesday classes have been a troublesome experience. From teaching lessons that were too high for the students level, having parts of the classes dedicated to repeating some sentences that the kids only saw for a few seconds and also the repetition of material that makes you feel like you only just taught that to the same bunch of students two months ago. Oh, and no breaks. And classes are just thirty five minutes.

Every Wednesday was a struggle to teach. It just didn't fit in with the rest of the things we taught in the week and I think nobody took it very seriously, including students. I used to joke that the week ended on Tuesday because Wednesday classes 'didn't count' and Thursday/Friday classes were very easy to teach.

Now the schedule has changed. Firstly I get two breaks which helps a lot. I can prepare stuff for the rest of the week or just take a breather. The curriculum has changed and I am using some new, perhaps better books and it finally seems like some of my students can really do the levels they are in - they're doing great. Also I have got some new classes and some great new kids. It really makes a difference to be teaching somebody that you haven't taught many, many times before - all my cynical kids have moved to Middle school classes. I can now enjoy Wednesday's and hopefully the kids can too. Wednesday's are back.

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