Sunday, 18 January 2009

Coffee break

Panic stations over as a friend of mine has kindly given me some tea bags to tide me over for the next few weeks. Over the past fifteen months or so I have divided my time equally over coffee and tea but my recent tea bag situation has led me to appreciate much more how lucky I am working in the building where my academy is housed. This is because on the second floor there is a coffee shop.

I usually have one or two drinks a day there (especially in Summer) and even sometimes pop in over the weekend with my girlfriend. The actual coffee is quite good, better than Starbucks or the other chains that can be found in Korea and a take out is less than £1.50 - not bad if you ask me. Most Korean coffee shops I've been to usually give you either a straight black coffee or a cup of foam unless you specifically state otherwise, but this place is much better. If there had been a coffee shop under my previous workplace in Korea I probably would have stayed on there.

The shop has been open for just over a year now but is doing badly. It must be. The location is not ideal so you don't see many people in at any time of the day. There used to be two people working there but for over six months there has only been one. At times I have felt sorry for her. Always kind and friendly she has often given me free refills or given me free cake or something which has led me to go in perhaps more than I would otherwise and it has now become part of my usual daily routine. For a long time now I have felt that one day I would turn up to work and the coffee shop will be closed and perhaps that day will come, but hopefully not soon becaue it's nice and quiet and a good place to relax and forget about work.

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