Saturday, 3 January 2009

A simple plan: Lighting the fuse

I'm expecting major changes in my life at various points of this year. Some plans are already under way whilst others are on the back-burner but my vision for the next twelve months is very clear. If I had a New Years resolution to try and keep to, it would be to go home when my current contract finishes. At the moment, with present world financial uncertainties as they are, leaving a very easy, well paid-ish job to return home to a country in recession seems a little risky doesn't it. Despite this I must go home, for however long it takes to 'rehabilitate' myself, for want of a better word. Perhaps 're-invigoration' is a better assessment for the ongoing situation. I am very aware of how much of a bubble I live in out here and it can't go on forever.

In February I will be home for one week, primarily to relax and have a change of scenery whilst being able to have a few proper pints and better food, but also to hopefully continue with some plans. Between then and now I will have a lot of things on my mind. The break cannot come soon enough and will hopefully do me the world of good. I must admit that financial concerns have started to crop up in my head but they shouldn't be causing too much trouble and I need to appreciate that my time here has left me debt free. I believe at some stage I will be tempted to stay here but I know that would be a mistake and the Summer will again hammer it home to me that it's time for some travelling in Asia before making the sweet trip home. However, I wouldn't rule out a return to Korea or Asia for another year or two.

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