Friday, 2 January 2009

A random sheepish moment

During an average day at work (Mon/Tues & Thurs/Fri), I mark maybe roughly between 60-130 books a day during various parts of my classes. It's not hard at all. Just need to check there are no blindingly obvious mistakes, but more importantly to see if the student has done the homework and correct where appropriate. I don't need to look at every word or every question but do try to read as much as I possibly can. Obviously I've seen many mistakes so I often don't remember them after changing the words but this was my favourite today, found under the word in yellow. Just a random mistake, one of thousands I see every month.

It is supposed to read, Keeping Sister Safe. No big deal at all, just a simple mistake but it made me laugh. For this particular part of the homework the students hear a story over the Internet and have to write down the words but sometimes they appear to hear something quite different. Perhaps this shows how different or difficult learning English is. Or does it show how lazy my students are?

Another boy in this class has this week told me that I looked like someone out of C.S.I. Not watching the show regularly I assumed that he was being yet another cheeky lad having a crack at my age and meant Grissom, but today he brought a picture taken on his camera phone of the "C.S.I. captain". I am now supposed to look like Gary Sinise. Though the only likeness I can find between 'us' is white skin and dark hair, it could have been worse I guess. And I have definitely been called a lot worse here!

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