Monday, 23 November 2009

10 reasons to take up Taekwondo

I have decided to take up Taekwondo. I find myself stuck in a similar routine most week mornings and lucky to have enough of time, money and enthusiasm to study with the aim of getting a black belt before I leave Korea. All over Korea there are thousands and thousands of Taekwondo dojangs and practically every week day I see some kid in a uniform so why not take this up?

There is perhaps too much choice though. How am I supposed to know what dojang is better than an other one or what Master is better than somebody else? I have done some research and found six dojangs within five minutes walk from my apartment. I am still in the process of deciding and hope to pop into one some time this week. Each place costs around the same, 80,000won a month (£40) but the times vary though they are all do-able so it's probably pot luck as to which place is better. Here are my considered reasons, in no order, for taking up Taekwondo.
  1. Some extra form of exercise can't do me any harm
  2. Meeting some new people could be nice
  3. Logically this should improve my Hapkido which I am planning on continuing. It should help both my flexibility and my kicking. Doing Hapkido for two years should also give me a head start for the first few months
  4. I can be a little more immersed in Korean culture. I'm aware I should do more 'Korean' things
  5. Helping me have a more meaningful daytime.
  6. The challenge of something new to do and a goal (black belt) to go for
  7. It will mean me wasting less of my time on the Internet reading
  8. Probably will only take up three or four days a week so I have more than enough time
  9. The possibility of getting a 2nd black belt but in another discipline is a bit exciting, especially as getting a black belt in anything back home in the UK take two or three times longer than in Korea
  10. It's cheap so why not? I know I won't have this opportunity back home

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