Monday, 30 November 2009

Taekwondo day 1

Just back from my first Taekwondo class. After a few weeks of checking prices and times one of my co-workers and I decided to go for it. The place we are now going to is just five minutes from our apartments and the time is 1:40 - 2:40. which is perfect as it gives me all morning to do things but also gives me over an hour of free time before work begins It is the first time our new Master has taught non-Koreans. He doesn't speak much English right now but it looks like his wife has decided to take classes with us - his wife speaks decent English, which is a great help. The atmosphere is good, very friendly and relaxed.

Because this is the first time for him to teach people Westerners our first month is free. Our uniform is also free. From my experience, uniforms are usually around 20,000won (£10). If we like the classes, we can continue at 60,000won for three days a week or 80,000won for five days. I think I'll be sticking with the three days for a while, not bad for £30 a month. The dojang is filled with young kids when we study but today we went to a side room and did some basics such as warm up routines and stances. So far, so good and not too difficult. I'm hoping my hapkido experience will stand me in good stead. I am, though, a lowly white belt once more. Hard to get used to that feeling again but I'll have to. More to come as the adventure begins.

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