Sunday, 29 November 2009

Day at the basketball

After a week or two of persuading, my wife agreed to go with me to see a basketball game here in Daegu. I am not a fan of the sport but from experience I can say that its a lot more fun than watching professional Korean football or baseball. I'd only been to two previous basketball games (both in Korea) before and knew that the skill level of the players and teams wasn't fantastic. However, I did enjoy both times and thought we could have fun while not spending too much money. Christmas is coming, after all.

The tickets were 7,000won each (£3.50) for the area we sat in. These were the cheapest tickets available but even from the back you could see all the action. As soon as we got there I could see my wife would enjoy the day. Her enjoyment made me have a great time too. She really got into the game and the relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed the game even though Daegu Orions lost to Ulsan. I don't think the game was particularly good but that wasn't really the point because I didn't have any stake in the game. The buzz in the stadium was good and there were no breaks in the action/entertainment. Hopefully we can go again some time soon.

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