Sunday, 3 January 2010

Autopilot off switch

Tomorrow represents the first change in curriculum at work for around a year and the first significant for two. For the past two years I've been teaching the same material but repeated over nine months. What I mean is that I was teaching lessons then repeating the exact lesson some nine months later but to different students. I taught these lessons several times a week. This was both good and bad. Good because I became familiar with what I was teaching meaning preparation was down to a bare minimum, also I knew what worked and didn't. Bad because I hardly had to work on my teaching, thus not making any improvements at work at all, save for class management and classroom psychology. In short, work has been too easy (and that's saying something in this job!). In this job I have been on autopilot for too long.

A quick look at the actual changes and it seems about 85% of the weekly class curriculum has changed, maybe even more. From scanning the hand-outs, and recalling a meeting we had some three or four weeks ago everything seems fairly straightforward. Still, changes mean things can go wrong, people can screw up and students may not understand the new things being studied or how I am teaching. Things will be alright and I am not bothered about the new class structure. I am keeping all my middle school classes but there is a big turnaround in the elementary school classes I am teaching. All my best classes are going. Hopefully I will be getting somebody else's good kids.

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