Friday, 22 January 2010

Observation result

I figured my observation went well. You usually know when you've made mistakes. I've just got my feedback and the write-up was better than I was hoping for. For feedback you get important comments and a marking system. There are eighteen categories of assessment and they are graded as Needs much improvement, Needs improvement, Good and Excellent. I got four good and fourteen excellent grades. Leaving me feeling pretty pleased with how I did. Hopefully I won't be bothered by any Korean teachers watching me for the foreseeable but I know that won't happen. My managers never seem pleased enough to mention with how my classes may be going. Five or six months from now I'll go through it all again but next time I won't be re-signing. Unless they offer me seriously big bucks.

1 comment:

QiRanger said...

Congratulations on the good marks. Where are you looking to teach next?

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