Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Being watched

Yesterday I was observed by one of my Western managers. Though I have a Korean manager at the branch I work at, the Western manager is in effect my real boss. She decides whether or not my contract will be renewed or if I'm not doing my job well enough. Observations come every six months, give or take a few weeks even if you don't want to renew your contract.

So far I've had five meaningful observations from my managers and got good, helpful feedback on what I'm doing right and wrong. In fact my current manager is pretty good all round and always emphasises your good points. Recently the curriculum at my academy has changed. I think most teachers if not all are making some mistakes. I know I am, in particular I am not getting enough of the work finished that they want done. I felt that this was not the best time to be observed, but on the other hand if I was doing something wrong it would be better to know now than in several months from now.

Usually the manager gives you a time or a choice of what class you want her to watch. This time was different, leaving me having to prepare even more than I would normally for all of my classes. I wasn't nervous but I do wanted to do well - you never know, I could extend given the circumstances of the time. The concern for me on the day was the later classes where the students are taking longer to adjust to the new changes. However I think it went well. The class she picked was my best class of the day with only four students who are all doing well. We'll see what she really thinks when I get my feedback

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