Saturday, 27 March 2010


A trip downtown today ended up witnessing a screaming mass of Korean teenagers. We stopped by Kyobo book store to exchange an item and check out some books when we noticed something different. A crowd was gathering and made up of primarily teenage girls excited by something. It turned out that Korean boy band Beast (referred to as 비스트, or more confusingly, B2ST) were on the premises. I had never witnessed anything like the pandemonium I saw - perhaps it was because it's Daegu and why would anyone whose anyone be there.

These guys aren't even very famous but perhaps they will be soon. Musical acts here are pretty disposable and there is always someone 'new'. They usually lip sync to a backing track and litter their songs with ill fitting English words or phrases. Koreans really go wild for famous people but I guess they're not the only ones. What a shame most of the 'famous' people here tend to rely on plastic surgery and have no discernable talent other than being a clotheshorse/money making exercise for their representitives. But a bigger shame that it wasn't Lee Hyo Ri in the building!

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