Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hangul challenge

This week one of my students wrote me a small letter. Inside the letter she told me some things about herself like what music she likes and how happy she felt about getting a new phone. Getting the letter was a surprise because I didn't ask for it and it wasn't related to anything I'd said in class. It was also clear that she had tried her best to write in coherent sentences. She also likes Lady Gaga, which I find pretty funny.

One of the most pleasing aspects of my job is seeing kids improve. The girl in question started off as shy, unresponsive and unwilling to participate unless it was on her terms. Also her sentences were very short. Now she is one of the best in class and cannot wait to talk, trying to answer as many questions as possible. Now she wants me to write a letter to her, but in Korean (Hangul). I would if I could! My Korean seems to be getting worse by the day. Perhaps time to sharpen up on that.

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